Beach Blankets

Dive into unparalleled beach-side comfort with our collection of Beach Blankets. Crafted for ultimate relaxation, these generously sized towels offer superior absorbency. Whether you're lounging in the sand or by the pool, our towels provide the perfect companion for your sunny escapades.

With a range of vibrant designs and patterns, you'll find the perfect beach blanket to suit your style. Elevate your summer experience with our luxurious, high-quality beach blankets. Dive in and make a splash of style and comfort today! Australian Made.

Enjoy the Australian Summer Beach Days with A Beach Blanket

Our Beach Blankets are the perfect beach accessory for the Australian lifestyle. Designed for children and adults who are sensitive to sand.

Coming in at a huge 150cm x 150cm, our oversized beach Blankets are sure to please.

JettProof Sand Free Beach Blankets are a popular choice for beach days.  With sand being hard to wipe off or transferring into your car or your home, our sand free towels are exactly what you need! The special fabric we use is sand-resistant to stop it from catching on the beach towel, even when it's wet.

Australia's Favourite Beach Blankets - 1000s of Reviews

Unlock the Secret to Sand-Free Bliss with Our Beach Blankets