About Us

JettProof was created by a caring and concerned mother, alongside specialists, for her adorable child, Jett.
Jett was diagnosed with severe autism, global development delay, and sensory processing disorder at three years of age. With up to 12 meltdowns before midday most days, she was desperate to find a product to help Jett stay calm, focused and responsive to language and instructions.
A worldwide search did not locate a suitable sensory based garment for special needs children that would gently self-regulate a child and could be worn under regular clothing throughout the day, every day, and for all seasons.
With a background in business, Jett's mother decided to provide a solution to help Jett and other families throughout the world, based on the studies into sensory compression by the renowned Dr Temple Grandin, JettProof was born!
About Us - JettProof.com.au
"As a professional in applied neuroscience, I have had considerable experience in using JettProof calming sensory clothing with my child patients. JettProof is like 'wearable therapy', you can keep it on all day, and it compliments the therapy that we provide in our practice. I have also been wearing JettProof since the first adult singlet came out, and I love it (it's like a "wearable hug"). Not one piece of my JettProof has ever worn out - it's durable stuff. JettProof helps keep me calm and connected and supports me to get back in the game when it's been a big, challenging (but also amazing!) day.
I can proudly endorse this product and know that by doing so, I am helping to bring high quality, economical options to families and children in need."
If you change your mind about your JettProof purchase, you can return the products in their original condition* for a full refund, within 28 days of receipt.
We are proud of our quality, and the effective solution JettProof can provide to adults and children living with sensory needs. We are sure you will be happy when you purchase from us.