Introducing JettProof, the world's leading calming technology for people with sensory challenges!

Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, PTSD, and/or other sensory processing challenges can impact daily functioning for both kids and adults. That's what makes our innovative clothing and products so unique - they help people with sensory processing challenges to stay calm, focused, and get the best out of every day!

JettProof'sAward-WinningCalming Technology is Backed by Science & Can Improve the Quality of Life for You & Those You Support

Jett Proof improves the daily lives of children and adults living with sensory processing challenges by providing high-quality, affordable, and effective sensory clothing and products.

Calmtex® sensory fabrics offer solutions for sensory processing challenges in a variety of situations. Whether you face sensory processing challenges or someone you support does, JettProof can help, day or night. That's why we've been recognised with multiple awards, including for product innovation and production design, and have received thousands of 5 star reviews.

JettProof was Created by an Experienced Textile Designer Who Understands Sensory Challenges, Along With a Team of Specialists.

Jett Proof was created with love by a mother desperately seeking solutions for her Autistic child.

Jett was diagnosed as Autistic at age 3, with global development delay and sensory processing disorder.

When a worldwide search for a solution turned up nothing, Jett's concerned mother enlisted a team of specialists and drew on her background in manufacturing and textile design to create a solution to help her child...and it worked! Jett is thriving and continually progressing thanks to JettProof's innovative sensory technology that keeps him calm, focused, and sleeping through the night.

Jett Proof is here to help change your family's story...but first, here's ours...


Our founder's son, Jett, was diagnosed as Autistic with Sensory Processing Challenges. He was having more than 12 meltdowns a day, making it difficult for him to focus and stay responsive to language and instructions. Eager to find a solution to help her son, our founder Michelle began researching potential solutions. With a background in manufacturing and textile design, she had a feeling she could help...


With the help of a team of specialists to assist in research and product development, Michelle created an innovative, breathable, light-weight sensory fabric. The name was chosen because if the fabric was good enough to help Jett stay calm, it was definitely Jett Proof! JettProof's sensory compression range was proudly made in Australia and launched in both Australia and New Zealand.

2014 - 2015

JettProof goes global! Our products began getting excellent feedback In Australia from therapists, specialists, parents, and carers of people with sensory processing challenges. As news of this effective and innovative calming technology spread, JettProof started getting overseas requests and began exporting overseas to Europe and North America in order to help even more individuals and families all over the world live calmer, happier lives. Meanwhile, in Australia, JettProof was proud to become a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) registered provider in 2016, enabling us to help even more people at home..

2017 - 2018

Jett Proof garnered several awards and recognition for our innovative solutions for sensory processing challenges. This included winning several Lake Mac Business Awards in 2017, including Business of the Year and Excellence in Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

2019 - 2021

Due to her knowledge on sensory compression and experience helping parents and specialists around the world with sensory challenges, our founder was invited to share her experiences and story at a TedX event in Chilliwack, Canada. In 2020, she won AusMumPreneur awards for product innovation, product design, and global brand. Since JettProof has always been a journey from the heart, it was a wonderful acknowledgement from the community to also be named a Humble Hero by Lake Macquarie City for changing the lives of people with sensory needs through innovation.


The JettProof team is continuing to develop innovative products through our research partnerships with universities. We look forward to finding even more effective solutions for people with sensory and neurological conditions. We love changing lives!

With the Right Support, People with Neurological Differences Have Immeasurable Value to Offer the World...JettProof Makes it Possible to Provide that Support.