Alternative to a Weighted Blanket

Alternative for ASD, SPD, ADHD, and Anxiety

Weighted blankets (which contain metal or plastic beads sewn into quilted layers to add at least 10% of body weight) are used to calm children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and Anxiety.

These blankets provide input to the deep pressure touch receptors throughout the body and address sensory integration issues. These sensory integration issues can cause sleep disturbances such as difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. The gentle pressure that the weighted blankets provide calms the nervous system, releases serotonin and has been shown to reduce anxiety. Some children have even taken the blankets to school to control sensory response issues.

JettProof Calming Sensory Clothing can be a positive alternative to weighted blankets, with bonus benefits. JettProof provides the perfect dose of sensory input to help calm, soothe and support self-regulation, and also provides proprioceptive input which organises and regulates the nervous system. JettProof also aids in filtering sensory information to improve the ability to listen and learn. JettProof is worn all day, every day (continuous calming), whereas weighted blankets can only be used intermittently.

JettProof undergarments are manufactured using Calmtex, high quality, lightweight, breathable moisture-wicking sensory fabric which keeps the wearer cool, dry and comfortable all year round.

A full range of JettProof clothing is available: singlets/vests, shirts, shorts, leggings, suits, and socks:

  • JettProof Singlets and Shirts provide a gentle ‘hug’ around the chest, top of shoulders and torso.
  • Shirts are available in short or long sleeves.
  • JettProof Shorts provide sensory compression, so a child can sit and listen much more easily. They are especially useful for children who ‘wriggle’, or who feel the need to fall to the ground to obtain sensory input and children with ADHD. They can also help with body awareness which can also assist with toilet training. JettProof shorts work well with or without a nappy.
  • JettProof Leggings work like the JettProof Shorts, and provide gentle compression to the lower legs.
  • JettProof Suits (sleeveless or short sleeves) are designed to deter children from accessing their nappies. The suits are also helpful if a child undresses constantly. The specially designed closure makes it difficult for the child to open while allowing easy access for carers for nappy changing.
  • JettProof socks are smooth and comfortable with a seamless feel, give gentle compression, and have no heels to provide maximum comfort for children with sensory needs.

    Benefits of Calming Clothing over Weighted Blankets

    Weighted blankets are used during the night to help with sensory processing issues and to reduce sleep disturbances. JettProof has the same ability with many children wearing a JettProof compression singlet under their pyjamas at night (or a JettProof shirt with regular pyjama pants).

    Children with sensory difficulties often wake, searching for sensory input – JettProof can help them settle and stay asleep throughout the night by providing the perfect dose of sensory input. For children who access their nappy, JettProof suits have a specially designed closure to deter wandering hands but allow easy access for the parent or carer to change nappies.

    JettProof has the added ability not only to be worn to bed but as a discreet undergarment throughout the entire day. Best results are achieved by wearing JettProof clothing and undergarments all day, every day. Children don’t build a resistance to JettProof clothing which is a significant advantage and differs from heavy compression or weighted clothing (which they can only wear for a limited time each day). JettProof is a popular choice for Occupational Therapists.

    While almost all children like the feeling of wearing JettProof immediately, some children will take up to a few hours or a day to get used to the sensation as they aren’t accustomed to feeling regulated. JettProof clothing has special external stitching for a seamless feel and no tags for children with tactile sensitivity. Children can wear JettProof under their clothing and school uniform daily. Once the child is accustomed to wearing JettProof, they may even crave the calming sensation.

    JettProof products are manufactured in Australia to the highest standard and are the most affordable high-quality sensory product on the market.

    See below for testimonials for our vast products and how they have helped individuals to overcome various sensory disorders.

    As a professional in applied neuroscience, I have had considerable experience in using JettProof calming sensory clothing with my child patients. JettProof is like ‘wearable therapy’, you can keep it on all day, and it complements the therapy that we provide in our practice. Different parts of the brain are tested before and after therapy/intervention, and, with JettProof clothing, we see differences all the time in body awareness (using cerebellar and parietal tests).
    Danielle Gregory (Ideal Connexions)

    For the past month, our little boy with ASD has barely slept due to anxiety and the need to check where everyone is at all hours of the night. After trialling several different weighted products, we decided to try the JettProof singlets. He has now slept in them 2 nights in a row and has had 2 full 11 hour sleeps! Thank you so much for coming up with this amazing product!
    – Erin B

    Hi, I just wanted to say thank you! I got my singlets in the mail today. I put one on my daughter after her bath today, and I have to say it calmed her straight down. I haven’t had a night with her this good in a very long time. I even put her to bed at 6 pm, and she went off to sleep with no fuss. Thank you :)
    – Julia P

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